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Birthdate:Jan 28
Location:Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America
Я не говорю русского

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Veritas vos liberabit - "The truth shall set you free". I try hard to live by that motto.

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Have you heard the phrase "Aarkle schmoo" about? Want to know what it means? Look no further!

In an emergency situation, every second counts.
I have an Emergency Contact Information First Post.
Do you? The life you save may be your own.


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You are free to use any icon of mine that you like. I'd like it if you attribute them, and if you use an icon that's a picture of a real person, please please attribute it.

My Blog Code: b d+ t- k s-- u- f i o++ x+ e+ l+ c- (Decode)

Dramatis Personae:

The Wife.

Spot, Mina, and Bob: cats. Spot is a black-and-white domestic shorthair. Mina is a long-haired tortoiseshell kitty. Bob is an orange tabby.

Other people to be added as I think of them.

I am a computer programmer in my thirties. I like the things that it says I like in my interests section. I also like to game - by which I mean face-to-face games, such as board and roleplaying games. I like computer games too.

I'd also like to point out that this is my *personal* journal. Though I may talk about things that happen at my work, this journal is first and foremost personal. Thus, there are things in here that I wouldn't necessarily talk about at work. Please keep that in mind as you read. I'd also like to point out, although I hope that it would be obvious, that I may have a community listed on my friends list even though I do not identify with that community.

How to recognize me:

I'm about six feet tall, of average build, and I have a gut. I have brown hair down to about my shoulders, and I wear glasses (except when I'm wearing contacts). My lower jaw tends to be prominent, I think. I tend towards denim shorts in summer, jeans in winter, and random t-shirts year-round.

Also I ride a motorcycle. That helmet in my userpic is mine, although the mohawk isn't attached anymore, and my bike, an '87 Honda Magna, has blue fenders and red sidecovers and tank. It is fairly unique in that the stock exhaust has been replaced by a home-made 2-into-1 terminating in a cherry bomb on either side. My gear is black and reflective gray; in winter, it's all black.

My T-shirt collection:

includes, but is not limited to:

A Trogdor! t-shirt.

A black Ramones T-shirt.

If you think you see me, don't be shy. Just yell out, "Oi! Kit!"very loudly. Make sure you say "Oi;" that will help me to notice your call. If it is me, I'll probably answer. If it isn't, then I definitely won't.

Note on friending me: Feel free to add me to your flist for any reason. If you've friended me, I may well announce this fact. If I don't know you, I'll likely ask you how you found me, if it's not immediately obvious. I'm not terribly afraid of the "wrong" people finding my journal, just curious how people happen upon me. In any case, I'll most likely add you back. :)

The WeatherPixie

I'm with The Satya!

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